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Holiday Gift Ideas From RCBS

Looking for gift ideas for someone who reloads? We have compiled our Top 5 Gift ideas to make it easy for you!

First up, our Rotary Case Cleaner. Our Rotary Case Cleaner thoroughly cleans cases with a constant rotating action. The quiet, belt-driven motor rotates at 60 RPM, while the tumbling action scrubs all surfaces of the cartridge case, inside and out. Included, is five pounds of magnetic stainless steel media! Starting at $199.95.
rotary case cleaner


Second up, our Summit Press. Our Summit press operates on top of the bench. The case doesn't move, the reloading die comes down to the case instead. Its all steel linkage and case iron frame provide the stability and ruggedness all reloaders need. This press is great for bullet seating, and gives unprecedented access to their cases. Pick up the Summit Press for $269.99.
Summit Press


Next, our Brass Boss. Our Brass Boss makes it easy to get brass ready to reload in a few simple steps! The Brass Boss features six variable speed, rotating stations that completely prepare trimmed brass for reloading, all in one stop! The Brass Boss features an inside VLD chamfering tool, outside deburring tool, primer pocket cleaner, military crimp remover, primer pocket uniformer and a tub of dry case neck lubricant! Save time and elbow grease when reloading! $189.95.
Brass Boss


Measure powder accurately with our ChargeMaster Lite! Our ChargeMaster Lite features an LCD touchscreen display that ensures accurate data input. The hopper holds nearly a pound of smokeless powder, and can dispense anywhere between 2-33 grains with +/- 0.1 grain accuracy! $299.95.
Chargemaster Lite


Looking for a stocking stuffer? Our Chamber Gauge is the perfect gift! Drop the handloaded round into the chamber gauge and check both the chambering as well as the cartridge length! Starting at $16.95. Find your caliber here.
Chamber Gauge

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