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Basic Components Needed to Start Handloading

Federal or CCI Primers


We recommend Federal® or CCI®. These are the “spark plugs” that initiate the entire ballistic chain reaction with the squeeze of a trigger. Every Federal and CCI primer provides consistent, reliable performance. Available to fit pistol or rifle calibers. This Primer Chart will help you make the right selection.

Speer Bullets


Count on Speer® to provide the best bullet for the job. Speer offers affordable solutions for every type of bullet. Take a look at Speer’s latest catalog for a complete line-up of bullets.

Alliant Powder


You’ll have a choice of several different powders. Look to Alliant Powder® for the best powders on the market. Choose the one that performs best for your particular cartridge. Consult a reloading manual for more information.

Federal Premium Unprimed Brass


Stock up on quality brass. If you’re reloading centerfire, we recommend Federal Premium’s first run, unprimed brass. They’re available in a variety of common calibers for rifle and handgun.

RCBS Reloading Dies

Reloading Dies

These are the most important link in the reloading process. You’ll need a set of dies for each caliber you plan to reload. There are three dies in sets used for loading straight-wall type cases and two dies in sets used for loading bottleneck type cases. The third die in a 3-die set is used to expand the mouth of straight-wall cases . In a 2-die set, expanding is done in the sizer die.

RCBS Shell Holders

Shell Holder

Shell holders provide a firm grip on the case to insure trouble-free reloading. Match your shell holder to the calibers you’ll be reloading - this chart will help.

Reloading Bench

A Place to Reload

You will want to get a bench that is extremely sturdy and will withstand the pressures of any reloading press or tool. Make sure it has plenty of room to mount presses and other equipment, plus storage areas for accessories and components.

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